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標題: The Body and Narrative in A. C. Swinburne's "Dolores"
作者: 黃惠瑜
Huang, Huei-yu
關鍵字: Swinburne;史溫朋;Dolores;body;narrative;Victorian;woman;poem;朵樂斯;身體;敘述;維多利亞;女性;詩
出版社: 外國語文學系
在這本論文中,以維多利亞時期評論家的批判角度以及身處現代的後設讀者的角度分別切入史溫朋的《朵樂斯》。由於約翰.摩力(John Morley)的評論是維多利亞時期中對史溫朋的評論最具影響力者,本論文的討論即由他的論點切入並加以延伸。藉由《朵樂斯》與維多利亞時期的概念並置,希望能探討文本與歷史之間的相互影響。讀者將可以在所有對《朵樂斯》正向與負面的討論中了解朵樂斯的變化與成長,並覓得閱讀《朵樂斯》的方法。
因此,閱讀《朵樂斯》亦是這本論文的重要步驟。對朵樂斯身體的了解初步來自於閱讀詩中的說話者;接著來自於閱讀朵樂斯被標記的身體。這樣的一個符號被設定為雌雄同體以達到呈現超越單一性別的力量。朵樂斯的身體並不是維多利亞男性所創造出的標準型態。他的身體開啟了更多關於 “不同處”的討論,而那似乎被烙印的身體則提供了一把鑰匙予所有可能性解讀。

In this thesis, A. C. Swinburne's Dolores will be carefully considered in aspects of the Victorian critics and the post reader in modern period. John Morley's criticism in Victorian is the most effective one; therefore, the discussion in the beginning is derived from his blames to Swinburne and goes beyond his criticism. The interaction between the text and the history is the main concern in setting Dolores with the Victorian concepts. Readers will see the changing and growing of Dolores's by the tingle of the objective and the subjective criticisms to get their way of reading Dolores.
Reading about Dolores, thus, is also the major step in this thesis. The understanding of Dolores's body first comes from the reading of the narrative and later comes from the reading of Dolores's stained body. Such a figure is set to be androgyny in order to present the power over the single gender. Dolores's body is not the stereotype created by the male tradition in Victorian age. The body opens the further discussion about the differences, and the seemingly stained Dolores offers a key to start the possibilities of interpretation.
Also, Swinburne's intention of undressing and dressing Dolores's body is another interesting point in this thesis. He offers the name and history to the mummified Dolores in order to dressing the naked body, and he also takes off Dolores's dressing by depicting a cold figure. Swinburne in all aspects creates “ways of realities” for readers to understand the many faced of languages and also of Dolores's body.
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