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標題: 應用於視訊編碼移動估測之混合式六角形快速搜尋演算法
Hybrid Hexagon Fast Search Algorithm for Motion Estimations in Video Coding Applications
作者: 周彥佑
Chou, Yen-Yu
關鍵字: Motion Estimation;移動估測;Motion vector;Hexagon-Based Search;移動向量;六角形搜尋法
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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在視訊壓縮標準中,移動估測(Motion Estimation)扮演相當重要的角色,因此移動估測演算法的好壞,對整個視訊壓縮品質有極大的影響。全區域搜尋演算法(Full Search Algorithm)可獲得最佳的視訊品質,但也因此需要付出很高的運算複雜度來完成。所以近年來不斷地有人提出不同的快速搜尋演算法,來提高移動估測演算法的效率,有效地節省視訊壓縮編碼所需運算處理時間及降低搜尋點數。

In video compression systems, motion estimation plays an important role and provides a critical technology to reduce the bit rate tremendously. The search algorithm of motion estimations will influence the quality of video compression directly. The full search algorithm obviously gives the best video quality, but requires heavy computations. Therefore, many fast search algorithms are proposed to improve this problem due to the full search method.
In this thesis, we propose a hybrid hexagon search algorithm (HHS). The proposed method reduces the computation complexity and eliminates unnecessary search points effectively. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm reduces the unnecessary search points effectively, and simultaneously maintains good video quality, compared with the other fast search algorithms.
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