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標題: The ixodid ticks collected from dogs and other animals in Taiwan and Kinmen Island
作者: Tsai, Y.L.
Shyu, C.L.
Yao, C.T.
Lin, J.A.
關鍵字: tick;Taiwan;Kinmen Island;ectoparasite;dog;ixodoidea-ixodidae;sp-n;rhipicephalus-sanguineus;granulatus ticks;molecular-detection;lyme-disease;brown dog;acari;japan;thailand
Project: International Journal of Acarology
期刊/報告no:: International Journal of Acarology, Volume 38, Issue 2, Page(s) 110-115.
A total of 594 ticks were collected from the environment, dogs, cattle, goats, small mammals, birds, a turtle, a snake, a bat and a human. Morphological identification of 509 ticks resulted in the listing of the following species: Rhipicephalus sanguineus, Rhipicephalus haemaphysaloides, Rhipicephalus microplus, Haemaphysalis warburtoni, Haemaphysalis phasiana, Haemaphysalis campanulata, Ixodes acutitarsus and Amblyomma geoemydae.
ISSN: 0164-7954
DOI: 10.1080/01647954.2011.594812
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