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標題: AndroGyny Narratives: On Jeffrey Eugenides's Middlesex
雌雄同體敘述: 論尤金尼茲<中性>
作者: Ming Hung, Su
關鍵字: 雌雄同體;androgyny;二元對立;自傳;陽性書寫;陰性書寫;binary opposition;autobiography;masculine writing;feminine writing
出版社: 外國語文學系

Androgyny has always been a mystic and perfect image─in a single individual being existing male and female traits no matter physiological or psychological. But, the dualism apparatus of patriarchal society purposefully overlooks and forgets this image. Those who are privileged make use of the seemingly natural sex taxonomy, unmistakably man being masculine while female feminine, to strengthen their power. The norms and the cultural meanings accompanying with this rigid sex typing restrain and oppress minorities in the slanted power structure. Even, the perfect androgyny is demonized within this mechanism, viewing as a morbid abnormality.
Later feminists try to find an exit out for the long-oppressed female group. Abandoning the mold of phallus-centered thinking, they put their distinct feminine characteristics into writing in order to open up a discourse space for women and live up women's status in this biased social structure. However, focusing on women's differences from men, women still bog themselves down in the patriarchal system they endeavor to challenge and obviously this action still manifests their penetration by the of ideology binary opposition. In this way, the roles of the oppressor and the oppressed might possibly be interchanged one day but people are still trapped without liberation.
Through Cal/liope's autobiography and the Stephanides's story, Jeffrey Eugenides's Middlesex, in terms of gynandrous writing and androgynous body, just engages in breaking the strict sex/gender dichotomy, knocks open a third space out of the man-woman spectrum, and reminds people of their lost perfect androgyny tradition. On this unrestraint sex/gender plane exists in harmony and peace various groups. When people can recognize that their androgynous nature is no different from the Other, there will be no more master/slave and strong/weak binary relationship among man / woman / transsexual / hermaphrodite or heterosexual / homosexual / bisexual. Social structure will be no longer tilt.
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