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標題: The Compressive Strength of Slender C-shaped Cold-formed Steel Members with Web Openings
作者: Lue, D.M.
Chung, P.T.
Liu, J.L.
Pan, C.L.
關鍵字: Cold-formed steel;Web openings;Compression strength;Flexural-torsional buckling;Finite element analysis;finite-element-analysis;simple edge stiffeners;columns;behavior;tests
Project: International Journal of Steel Structures
期刊/報告no:: International Journal of Steel Structures, Volume 9, Issue 3, Page(s) 231-240.
This study investigated the compressive strength of slender C-shaped cold-formed steel members with web openings. The effective sectional area concept was adopted to conduct the analysis of cold-formed compressive members. The load-carrying capacity of compression member was calculated based on the sectional effective width as described in the AISI Standard. The study tested a total of 21 channel specimens including C-shaped cross-sections with and without web openings. Comparisons were made between the test results and the predictions based on both the AISI Standard and the ANSYS analysis. The results indicated that all the observed failure modes were of the flexural-torsional buckling classification. It was found that the reduction in the compression strength of the specimens with web openings seems to be negligible. In addition, the predictions based on the AISI Standard were conservative as compared with the test results of the specimens with web openings. Moreover, it appeared that the ANSYS finite element analysis was able to predict the ultimate loads and failure modes of the specimens. In the absence of test data and for the purpose of preliminary design, the ANSYS appears to provide quite all encouraging prediction capability.
ISSN: 1598-2351
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