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標題: Characteristics and optical properties of Ni nanograins reduced on TiO2 film
作者: Huang, H.H.
Chang, H.P.
Wang, F.H.
Liu, Y.S.
Wang, M.C.
Lli, D.F.
關鍵字: Ni nanoparticle;visible-light absorption shift;transmittance;e-beam;evaporation;morphology;chemical-vapor-deposition;thin-films;partial oxidation;metal;catalysts;methane;photocatalysts;temperature;particles;substrate
Project: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics
期刊/報告no:: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 47, Issue 1, Page(s) 764-767.
NiO/TiO2 films with various NiO film thicknesses ranging from 10 to 320 nm were deposited on silicon and glass substrates by e-beam evaporation at 200 degrees C, and then annealed in H-2 atmosphere at 500 degrees C for 1 h in order to reduce the NiO film to Ni grains on the TiO2 film. The structures of titanium oxide, NiO, and Ni/TiO2 were determined by X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis, and the morphology of the Ni/TiO2 films was observed by scanning probe microscopy. The ultraviolet-visible (UV-vis) transmittance and vis absorption of the Ni/TiO2 films were measured by UV-vis spectrophotometry. The results showed that an amorphous titanium oxide was obtained as deposited at 200 degrees C and that the structure change to the anatase phase after 500 degrees C annealing. As deposited, crystalline NiO films with XRD patterns similar to that of powder were obtained; however, diffraction peaks of (111) and (200) Ni appeared after annealing in H-2 atmosphere. Ni nanograins, coarsened grains, and films were obtained on the TiO2 films when the NiO film with a thickness from 10 to 320 nm was reduced in H-2 atmosphere at 500 degrees C. The transmittance of the Ni/TiO2 films decreased with an increase in Ni particle size. The vis absorption measurement showed that the peak shifted toward a shorter wavelength with a decrease in Ni particle size.
ISSN: 0021-4922
DOI: 10.1143/jjap.47.764
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