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標題: The Development of Metatheater
作者: 駱宛姿
關鍵字: 後設劇場;metatheater;皮蘭德婁;達瑞歐.弗;《各行其是》;《一個無政府主義者之意外死亡》;Pirandello;Dario Fo;Each in His Own Way;Accidental Death of an Anarchist
出版社: 外國語文學系

Works of metatheater are the plays about the construction of themselves. Plays of this kind can be traced back to Shakespeare's Hamlet. Works of this sort possess special characteristics. First, the characters must own the theatrical consciousness. They are fully aware that they are in a theatrical world. To this, the characters play the roles with their own will. In a sense, they are their own playwrights. Besides, a metatheatrical work always contains the concept of the world as a stage and life as a dream. Reality and illusion are two sides of the same coin.
In his famous trilogy of theater within the theater, Pirandello lays bare the constituting elements of theater. By putting them on the stage, he presents the relation and conflict among these elements. In this sense, the metatheatrical form also becomes the content. After Pirandello, Dario Fo adds a new meaning into the metatheatrical works. Employing the techniques of metatheater, Fo ventilates the social political issues of the Italian society. Fo politicalizes metatheater. This thesis discusses the concept of metatheater first. And, then, in the discussion on Pirandello's Each in His Own Way and Fo's Accidental Death of an Anarchist, I also try to figure out part of the development of metatheater.
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