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標題: 四馬達逆向滑鼠驅動球型機器人之系統設計與運動控制
System Design and Motion Control of a Ball Robot with a Four-Motor Inverse-Mouse Drive
作者: 李國銘
Li, Guo-Ming
關鍵字: double PD controller;雙PD控制器;ball robot;inverse mouse-ball driving mechanism;球型機器人;逆滑鼠驅動機構
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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This thesis presents methodologies and techniques for system design, dynamic modeling and motion control of a ball robot with an inverse mouse-ball driving mechanism actuated by four independent brushless motors simultaneously. By using Lagrangian mechanics, two decoupled dynamic models of the robot incorporating with viscous and static frictions are established in both the median sagital and coronal planes. With the decoupled models, two double PD controllers are proposed to achieve self-balancing and point stabilization (regulation) of the robot. A backstepping sliding-mode controller is synthesized to accomplish out trajectory tracking of the ball robot. Simulation results indicate that proposed PD motion controllers is capable of providing appropriate control actions to satisfactorily achieve self-balancing, station keeping and position control, and the proposed backstepping sliding-mode controller is good to accomplish out not only self-balancing, station keeping and position control, but also trajectory tracking.
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