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標題: Evaluation on quality indices and retained tocopherol contents in the production of the rice-based cereal by extrusion
作者: Lin, Y.H.
Yeh, C.S.
Lu, S.
關鍵字: brown rice;milled rice;twin-screw extruder;physicochemical properties;bran oil;hypocholesterolemic activity;unsaponifiable matter;barrel;temperature;screw extrusion;feed moisture;starch;protein;corn;hamsters
Project: Journal of Food and Drug Analysis
期刊/報告no:: Journal of Food and Drug Analysis, Volume 10, Issue 3, Page(s) 183-187.
Rice bran is rich in vitamin E, dietary fiber, mineral and fat. In this study, puffed rice ball was made from brown or milled rice flour by using twin-screw extruder. Two feed moisture (15 and 20%) and two screw speed (200 and 250 rpm) were set, and the physicochemical properties and content of alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta-tocopherols were determined. The data showed that extrudates made from brown rice had a high a and b value in color, expansion ratio, water solubility index, but low in L value, bulk density and water absorption index than that made from milled rice flour. Extrudates made from brown rice flour had the higher content of alpha- and gamma- tocopherols (4.8 and 5.7 mug/g). Regarding the effects of feed moisture and screw speed of extruder, the data showed that 15% feed moisture in flour and 250 rpm screw speed yielded to a high expansion ratio, high water solubility index, and low bulk density in the final products.
ISSN: 1021-9498
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