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標題: 低成本高效能的AES加解密處理器設計與FPGA實作
FPGA Implementation and Design of a Low-Cost and High Performance AES Processor
作者: 陸育新
Lu, Yu-Hsin
關鍵字: encryption;加密;decryption;AES;composite field;解密
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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AES於2001年11月成為美國聯邦資訊處理標準(FIPS) ,至今已經有許多不同的硬體實現方式應用於ASIC 與FPGA。但如何根據不同的使用
需求找出適合的設計方式,就成為一項重要的課題。使用複合場運算的SubBytes /InvSubBytes 轉換,可以減少對面積的需求與硬體複雜度。在本篇論文中,我們試著簡化K.K. Parhi所提出的SubBytes 轉換複合場架構。同時,在鑰匙排程單元中我們修改部分的off-line 鑰匙排程架構。如此一來在面積與硬體複雜度上都有顯著的減少。
此外,我們以FPGA 晶片實現全管線式架構的AES 加密處理器。並
且同時使用內含7 階回合單元的內部回合(inner-round) 與外部回合
(outer-round)管線技術,在non-feedback 模式下使用Xilinx XC2VP20-7 晶片,資料處理量可達31.34 Gbits/s。以相同的throughput/slice 來看,面積成本比起K.K. Parhi 所提出的架構減少了15%。

The Advanced Encryption Standard was accepted as a FIPS standard in November 2001. Since then, there have been many different hardware implementations for ASIC and FPGA. But how to find out the suitable design according to the demand has become an important topic. In this thesis, composite
field arithmetic of the SubBytes/InvSubBytes transformation is employed to reduce the area requirements and the hardware complexity. We try to reduce the composite field architecture of the SubByte transformation which proposed by
K.K. Parhi. Meanwhile, in the key scheduling unit, we modify parts of the offline key scheduling architecture. This way the area and hardware complexity are reduced significantly. Moreover, we implement the architecture of a fully pipelined AES encryption processor on a single chip FPGA. By using inner-round and outer-round pipelining techniques with 7 substages in each round unit can achieve a through- put of 31.34 Gbps on a Xilinx XC2VP20-7 device in non-feedback modes. The area cost is reduced by 15% in terms of equivalent throughput/slice than the architecture, which proposed by K.K. Parhi.
其他識別: U0005-2607200614273100
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