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標題: 應用於光纖分碼多工系統之延伸載波跳躍質數碼之效能分析
Performance Analysis for Fiber-Optic CDMA Systems With Extended Carrier-Hopping Prime Codes
作者: 張俊良
Chang, Chun-Liang
關鍵字: CDMA systems;光纖分碼多工系統;carrier-hopping prime codes;chip-synchronous;載波跳躍質數碼;同步
出版社: 電機工程學系

A two-dimensional wavelength-hopping time-spreading (or so-called wavelength-time) coding scheme has been recently studied for fiber-optic code-division multiple-access (CDMA) systems in order to support more subscribers and simultaneous users than the conventional one-dimensional approaches. To further improve the numbers of subscribers and simultaneous users in wavelength-time fiber-optic CDMA systems without sacrificing performance, an extended family of carrier-hopping prime codes (CHPCs) with expanded (asymptotically optimal) cardinality and ideal correlation properties was recently constructed. In this thesis, the performance of wavelength-time fiber-optic CDMA systems utilizing these extended CHPCs is analyzed and compared under chip-synchronous and chip-asynchronous assumptions. In addition to the Gaussian approximation, we introduce a more accurate combinatorial method, especially when the number of simultaneous users is small.
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