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標題: Rewriting the Empire: Tayeb Salih's Season of Migration to the North
作者: 王嘉君
Wang, Chia-chun
關鍵字: postcolonial;後殖民;re-writing;重新書寫
出版社: 外國語文學系
In Season of Migration to the North, Tayeb Salih manages to re-narrate the history of imperialism from a colonized perspective. Given as a story articulated from the colonized, the novel appears to discuss how the colonized man fights back against the invasion of the imperial power. Salih re-examines the clear boundary between colonizers and colonized by exposing the in-between ambivalence in the dominant characters in the novel. The analysis of Season of Migration to the North focuses on the discussion of cultural conflicts between Western modernization and Arab nativism. The narrator confronts in the novel the tension between these two contradictory values. Experiencing a back home journey, Mustafa and the narrator all face the problem in negotiating themselves with the native land. ‘In-between' could be a pivotal term in describing the indeterminate identities of the two protagonists in the novel.
In my thesis, Homi Bhabha's argument of “ Mimic Man” is important to formulate how Mustafa Sa'eed is able to practice his sexually' symbolic fighting back' against the colonizer. Mustafa's project of sexual “fighting back” will be explained in this thesis in relation to race, gender, sexuality and violence. His symbolic ‘revenge' could be illustrated through a speculation on Mustafa's destructive relationship with four British women.
The third chapter of my thesis illustrates how Salih's novel is significant in his attempt to resist and reinterpret the ideological imperialist writing. He states from the perspectives of the colonized and reclaims the story. It is a counter-narrative of Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Nile River for Salih is served as the symbol of journey between home and western world. Congo River in Conrad's novel is an entry for the colonizers to face the wildness of colonized world. By reinscribing Conra'd novel, Salih's Season of Migration to the North evokes the ambivalence and ambiguity of colonial discourse and reinterpreted the ‘truth' of colonial encounter from colonized perspective.

在<向北遷移的季節>這一本小說當中,塔葉沙利試著從被殖民者的觀點,重新敘述帝國主義的歷史。 這一本小說探討,被殖民者如何對抗帝國主義的侵略。這本小說著重在對於探討存在於西方文化及阿拉伯本土主亦之間的文化衝突。
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