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標題: The Carnivalesque Theater of Dario Fo: Mistero Buffo, Can't Pay? Won't Pay! and Accidental Death of an Anarchist
作者: Lin, Chia-ching
關鍵字: 巴赫汀;Bakhtin;達里歐‧弗;嘉年華劇場;丑角;顛覆;重生;嘉年華;義大利;Dario Fo;carnivalesque theater;giullare;subvert;regeration;carnival;Italy
出版社: 外國語文學系
本論文以巴赫汀(Mikhail Bakhtin)的嘉年華(carnival)理論,探討達里歐‧弗(Dario Fo)的三齣戲劇:《神秘的喜劇》(Mistero Buffo)、《不能付帳?不願付帳!》(Can't Pay? Won't Pay!),以及《一個無政府主義者的意外死亡》(Accidental Death of an Anarchist)。這三齣戲劇分別涵蓋達里歐‧弗劇作中所關注的宗教、經濟、政治三方面的問題。
第一章概論巴赫汀的嘉年華理論與達里歐‧弗劇作的關係。嘉年華裡隱含的兩種力量──顛覆與重生──賦予嘉年華無限的生命與開放的空間。在達里歐‧弗的作品中,官方的語言與意識型態一再被平民百姓的想法批判與顛覆,充分表現出嘉年華的精神。第二章至第四章係作品分析。第二章討論《神秘的喜劇》,本劇以丑角(the giullare)為主軸,發展出一連串獨白與單人戲,此丑角可以平民百姓的觀點重新詮釋聖經故事,以諷刺的方式揭露教會的腐敗,以及教會與商業掛勾的情形。第三章分析《不能付帳?不願付帳!》;該劇描述一群面對生活壓力的家庭主婦以及被剝削的中下階級人物瘋狂搶奪食品,藉以抗議資本主義社會的經濟問題。第四章討論《一個無政府主義者的意外死亡》;本劇呈現一個瘋子闖進警局,教導官方改寫原本的報告,揭露官方體制內虛偽的一面,也顛覆了官方掌控的歷史詮釋權。第五章結論總結前述論點。

This thesis attempts to analyze Dario Fo's three plays in the light of Mikhail Bakhtin's theory of carnival: Mistero Buffo, Can't Pay? Won't Pay! and Accidental Death of an Anarchist. These three plays respectively present the religious, economic, and political concerns of Dario Fo in his theatrical career.
Chapter One introduces Bakhtin's theory of carnival and its relationship with Fo's plays. As a non-official discourse, Fo's political theater, especially in his farcical performance, has its subversive and regenerative powers as Bakhtin sees in carnival. Some important characteristics of carnival, such as the grotesque body, the plebeian language, the laughter, and the crowning and uncrowning, can also be found in Fo's plays. The subsequent three chapters constitute the main body of this thesis. Chapter Two studies Mistero Buffo, taking the giullare as the people's spokesman who reinterprets the Biblical stories. In his new stories, the giullare subverts the original dogma of the church and exposes the people's suffering, the social injustice, and the corruption of the church. Chapter Three discusses the economical problem presented in Can't Pay? Won't Pay! In a farcical way, the plebeians rise up against the high price of food and fight against exploitation in the capitalist society. Chapter Four focuses on the farcical re-writing of official report in Accidental Death of an Anarchist. The Maniac intrudes the police station and re-writes the official statement on an "accidental suicide." This play unfolds the corruptive and hypocritical authority in a satirical way. Through the Maniac, the predominant power of orthodox discourse is subverted. Chapter Five, the conclusion, summarizes the foregoing discussions.
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