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標題: 超高速射出成型機射速系統之建模與控制
Modeling and Injection Velocity Control of an Ultra High-Speed Plastic Injection Molding Machine
作者: 郜懷恩
Huai En, Kao
關鍵字: Ultra High-Speed Plastic Injection Molding Machine;超高速射出成型機;gain-scheduling PI control;增益適應PI控制
出版社: 電機工程學系

With the expanding growth of so-called 3C (computer. communication and comsumer) industry, many 3C products with very thin thickness have become increasing important for the industry. These high-quality products have been manufactured by ultra high-speed injection molding machines, not only for high yield rate but also for high profits. This thesis aims to develop techniques for modeling and injection speed control of an ultra high-speed plastic injection molding machine. Several rules and guidelines are proposed to select key compents of hydraulic servo valve system in the machine, and then a full-size machine is constructed. After setting up reasonable assumptions, we present a mathematical model of the plastic injection velocity control system, and verify the model using experimental results. Based on the model, a PI controller is presented and tested on the built machine. A fuzzy PI controller is also presented to achieve the velocity tracking control goal. To improve the fixed-gain PI controller, a gain-scheduling PI control is employed. Through experimental results, the proposed gain-scheduling PI controller together with the built system prototype has been proven effective and practical in achieving satisfactory setpoint tracking performance.
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