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標題: W-CDMA系統下之有效率的速率與能量控制:Cross Layer Design
A Cross Layer Design for Efficient Rate and Power Control in W-CDMA System
作者: 吳學曜
Wu, Hsueh-Yao
關鍵字: Quality of Service;服務品質;Radio Resource Allocation;W-CDMA;Rate Allocation Scheme;Multiple Step-Size Power Control;無線資源分配;展頻系統;速率分配;能量控制
出版社: 電機工程學系

To ensure the success of wireless multimedia service, quality of service (QoS) has to be implemented with care. Radio resource allocation (RRA) is one of the most important issue and is essential in wireless networks. Among the elements of RRA, both rate allocation and power control play important roles in multimedia W-CDMA networks. A rate allocation power control scheme is proposed to take considerations at both the channel state and the buffer state in MAC layer. First, channel state and buffer state are divided into six conditions. The score of each condition is determined by two kinds of allocation parameter. Second, the score of risk parameter is determined by the score of both channel risk state and buffer risk sate. Third, based on allocation parameter and risk parameter, we propose a rate allocation scheme for wireless multimedia W-CDMA systems, which aims at minimizing average packet dropping rate while maintaining QoS requirement of all active mobiles. Finally, we also apply a multiple step-size power control method which can avoid large variation of SNR while the rate allocation scheme is activated. The simulation results show that the efficiency and performance of the proposed rate allocation scheme and multiple step-size power control can effectively decrease average packet dropping rate.
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