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標題: 安˙恩瑞特《聚》敘述與空間之研究
Narrative and Space in Anne Enright's The Gathering
作者: Chen, Yi-Jun
關鍵字: 創傷;trauma;空間;敘述;space;narrative
出版社: 外國語文學系所
Irish writer Anne Enright is known for her masterful delineation of women's experience and family relationship, in particular those in Ireland. In The Gathering, the protagonist Veronica's narration reveals the dark side in her family, centering on a childhood traumatic event. This master thesis examines the narrative and space elements in The Gathering. The death of a brother triggers Veronica's memory of childhood trauma. This causes the shifting between memory and traumatic narrative. This thesis applies psychoanalysis to discuss the error and misplacement of childhood trauma, the trauma's influence of sensual memory and the narration as a therapy. As a feminine narrative, The Gathering reveals women's desire and women's subjectivity. Through the traditional limitation of women's space, this thesis explores the relationship between women's living space and their social roles. Last, by explaining the novel's title, the thesis discusses the themes (genre hybridity, family gathering, and abscess) and through a woman's viewpoint explores the subjectivity of Irish women by the end of the twentieth century.

愛爾蘭女作家安˙恩瑞特(Anne Enright) 善於陳述女性經驗與家庭關係,特別是愛爾蘭本土經驗。在《聚》一書中,主角的敘述揭露了自身家庭中的黑暗面—以一童年創傷事件為中心。本碩士論文旨在探討《聚》的敘述與空間。至親胞兄的死亡引發敘述者對童年創傷的回想,造成記憶和創傷敘述的交纏。本文運用精神分析去剖析童年創傷造成記憶的訛誤與錯置、創傷對感官記憶的影響及敘述作為創傷療癒的可能。
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