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標題: 規則低密度查核碼在衰減通道中的效能模擬
The Performance Simulation of Regular LDPC Codes On Fading Channels
作者: 丁孝淳
Ting, Xiao-Chun
關鍵字: regular LDPC codes;規則低密度查核碼;sum-product-algorithm;fading channel;Rayleigh fading;和積演算法;衰減通道;雷利衰減
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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Mobile communication technology is development in recent years.
Users request the data-transmission quality higher and higher and
the mobile phone are mini and personal. In the condition, the power-
control is important.
Because we want to achieve good performance of data-transmission on lower power, the Error-Control-Coding is an inevitable techno-
-logy. The thesis introduces the “Low Density Parity Check Code”
, which is look at attentively in recent years. In addition to introduce that how to construct a simple LDPC code and soft-decision
decoding of LDPC codes, the thesis will introduces the performance
of LDPC codes on fading channels. Many papers propose the performance
simulations of LDPC codes on Rayleigh fading channel. But there are
furthermore effect on fading channel, for example Rice fading, which
contain LOS component and Suzuki fading, which contain shadowing component. The thesis will propose the simulations on Rice channel
and Suzuki channels.
其他識別: U0005-2807200610480800
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