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標題: A Molecular Cage-Based 2 Rotaxane That Behaves as a Molecular Muscle
作者: Chuang, C.J.
Li, W.S.
Lai, C.C.
Liu, Y.H.
Peng, S.M.
Chao, I.
Chiu, S.H.
關鍵字: chain;machines
Project: Organic Letters
期刊/報告no:: Organic Letters, Volume 11, Issue 2, Page(s) 385-388.
We report a molecular cage-based [2]rotaxane that functions as an artificial molecular muscle through the control of the addition and removal of fluoride anions. The percentage change in molecular length of the [2]rotaxane is about 36% between the stretched and contracted states, which is larger than the percentage change (similar to 27%) in human muscle.
ISSN: 1523-7060
DOI: 10.1021/ol802648h
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