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標題: CMOS射頻積體電路變壓器之研究
Study on Monolithic Transformer for CMOS RFIC Application
作者: 廖顯峰
Liao, Hsien-Feng
關鍵字: rfic;射頻積體電路;transformer;model;變壓器;積體電路;反方向;變壓器;製程;趨勢;模型
出版社: 電機工程學系
在本篇論文中,提出一個變壓器新的模型並解析1:1 同方向、1:1反方向和1:n變壓器之公式。此研究中包含了變壓器的高頻與低頻特性。提出解析計算變壓器一次側與二次測的自感值與互感值之公式且程式化。在低頻下,利用幾何平均距離來解析預測自感與互感。所有的變壓器都是使用TSMC 0.18 m RFCMOS 的製程。這是指出我們提出的模型可以描述變壓器的所有特性。這些模型模擬的結果參數可以符合量測結果到頻率20GHz之趨勢。此外,我們提出之等效電路可以描述其高頻特性。最後,對模擬結果做分析與討論。

In this thesis, a new model and an analytical formula for on-chip 1:1 non-inverting, 1:1 inverting and 1:n transformers are proposed. The analysis includes the low and high frequency performances. The analytical formula and programming by Matlab for self and mutual inductance of the primary and secondary windings in the transformer are developed. At low frequency, the analytical formula is developed to predict the self and mutual inductance based on GMD (geometry mean distance) approach. All of on-chip transformers are fabricated using the TSMC 0.18m RFCMOS process. It means the model can be described the characterization of transformers. The simulation results show the trend of these three parameters is coincident with the measurement ones for the frequency up to the value of 20 GHz. Moreover, the corresponding equivalent circuit is proposed to describe the high frequency characteristic. Finally, simulated results of three transformers are analyzed and discussed.
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