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標題: Business performance and customer relationship management: The effect of IT, organisational contingency and business process on Taiwanese manufacturers
作者: Lee, C.H.
Huang, S.Y.
Barnes, F.B.
Kao, L.
關鍵字: CRM;information technology (IT);organisational contingency;business;process re-engineering;business performance;supply chain management;e-commerce;retention;internet;crm
Project: Total Quality Management & Business Excellence
期刊/報告no:: Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, Volume 21, Issue 1, Page(s) 43-65.
With the rapidly growing development of electronic commerce, global competition and changing customer needs, traditional business operating strategies have totally changed. Companies have to reconsider and re-engineer their business processes for customer satisfaction, and the efficiency of production and services from the viewpoint of customer relationship management. In this research, the authors discuss the relationship of information technology (IT), organisational contingency, business process re-engineering and organisation performance in the Taiwanese manufacturing industry. The 800 companies surveyed in this study belong to Taiwan's manufacturing industry and are listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange 2005. Using canonical correlation tests and a multi-regression approach, the results present a significant positive relationship between organisation performance and the factors of IT-route integration, information sharing, supply chain integration, decentralisation and coordination, and business extension. The results show a positive interaction between IT and organisational contingency; and IT and business process, organisational contingency and business process.
ISSN: 1478-3363
DOI: 10.1080/14783360903492595
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