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標題: A checklist of oligochaetes (Annelida) from Taiwan and its adjacent islands
作者: Tsai, C.F.
Shen, H.P.
Tsai, S.C.
Lin, K.J.
Hsieh, H.L.
Yo, S.P.
關鍵字: Naididae;Moniligastridae;Glossoscolecidae;Lumbricidae;Octochaetidae;Ocnerodrilidae;Megascolecidae;oligochaetes;Annelida;Taiwan;genus amynthas oligochaeta;pheretimoid earthworms;species-group;megascolecidae;phylogeography;biogeography;clitellata;sediment;records
Project: Zootaxa
期刊/報告no:: Zootaxa, Issue 2133, Page(s) 33-48.
This checklist lists 98 species and subspecies of oligochaetes ( Annelida) that have been reported so far as members of the natural fauna of Taiwan and its adjacent Lanyu ( Botel Tobago), Gueishan ( Turtle) and Penghu ( Pescadore) Islands. Terrestrial oligochaetes have been studied for over a century since 1898, particularly intensively in the past ten years. They are represented by 72 species of which 42 (58.3%) species and subspecies are endemic to Taiwan. They belong to the families Moniligastridae, Glossoscolecidae, Lumbricidae, Octochaetidae, Ocnerodrilidae, and Megascolecidae. Megascolecidae is the most dominant family with 63 species, comprising 87.5% of the terrestrial Taiwanese earthworms reported so far. Aquatic oligochaetes have been investigated for about a decade since 1995, and are represented by 26 species. Of them, 25 are in the family Naididae (including Tubificidae) and Eiseniella tetraedra in the family Lumbricidae.
ISSN: 1175-5326
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