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標題: 利用增益排程調整遠端PI控制器以改善網路延遲效應
Improving Network Delay Effect by Remote PI Gain Scheduling Control
作者: 廖培英
Liao, Pei-Ying
關鍵字: Network Control;網路控制;Network Delay;Gain Scheduling;網路延遲;增益排程
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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PI控制器在工業界使用的相當廣泛,當使用於網路的環境時,將因網路的延遲行為造成系統性能變差及穩定性降低。因此,本論文提出固定時間延遲及非固定時間延遲增益排程(Gain Scheduling)的方法調整PI控制器的增益大小,改善遠端控制的網路延遲效應,使得PI控制器在網路的環境仍然有相當不錯的性能。

As the blooming internet development, the applications of the internet are more variable. The remote control is one of these applications. To realize the remote control in the internet doesn't only reduce the man power, but also avoid that the operator enters the dangerous situation. By the internet we can meet our goal of remote control, and raise the reliability of the control system.
The thesis introduces the delay behavior of system with time delay, and the influence of time-delay behavior on control system. Additionally using Nyquist Criteria analyzes the performance and stability of time-delay system. Lastly we will get the experimental data from the output response of time-delay system, and prove Nyquist Criteria using the data.
PI controller is used widely in the industry. When it's used in the internet, the delay behavior in the internet will cause the poor performance of the system and the lower stability. Thus, the thesis introduces the method of fixed time-delay and random time-delay gain scheduling to adjust the gain value of PI controller. Using the method we can improve the delay effect of remote control and keep the better performance of PI controller in the internet.
其他識別: U0005-3107200610325400
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