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標題: 單端低功率快速起振石英振盪器電路
A One-Pin Low-Power Quick-Start Crystal Oscillator Circuit
作者: 郭聰正
Kuo, Tsung Cheng
關鍵字: one pin;單端;crystal;oscillator;振盪器;低功率;石英振盪器
出版社: 電機工程學系
本論文之研究主要在於僅使用一個石英晶體端點的單端石英振盪器積體電路設計,並以達到低功率消秏及快速起振等為目的。電路的設計架構包含了振盪電路、振幅檢測、電流控制及輸出放大等電路單元,整個電路的佈局包含了偏壓電阻及負載電容只有0.059mm2;除了石英振盪晶體外,整個電路不需要額外的零件。我們採用希華晶體科技石英元件模型及TSMC 0.35um 2P4M Mixed Signal 元件來進行電路設計與模擬,並完成電路的製作。
振盪器被實現可操作在1.0~3.6V電源電壓,頻率範圍可從基本波10~51.84MHz以上。整個電路的功率消秏在10MHz及51.84MHz分別為1.05mW及5.57mW,約只有皮爾斯石英振盪器架構的1/4 ~1/8;起振時間在所有頻率範圍都可達到5ms以下。週期抖動在10MHz及40MHz也分別只有4.58 ps RMS和2.96ps RMS,適合做為鎖相迴路裡的參考訊號源,特別是使用在需要低功率消秏的行動通訊電路模組上。

In this thesis we focus on one-pin crystal oscillator circuit design, and use this design to get the low-power and quick oscillation. The circuit structures include Oscillating Circuit, Amplitude Detector, Current Control and Output Amplify etc. The chip include bias resister and load capacitor (only 0.059mm2 ), without any extra component required, except crystal unit. In my design, we use SIWARD crystal and TSMC 0.35um 2P4M models to design simulation and fabrication.
A one-pin crystal oscillator has been realized, and the circuit can be operated at 1.0 to 3.6V supply voltage, crystal frequency range from 10MHz to 51.84MHz. The power dissipation of the chip was taken only 1.05mW and 5.57mW at 10MHz and 51.84MHz. It's only quarter to eighth of Pierce Crystal Oscillator structure. Start-Time of oscillator was below 5ms in all frequency range. The Period Jitter of 10MHz and 51.84MHz can only 4.58ps RMS and 2.96ps RMS. It's very suitable to be used in Phase Lock Loop for reference source, especially in required low-power dissipation of mobile communicated circuit module.
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