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標題: 利用多殘段匹配技術設計微波濾波器
Design of Microwave Filters Using Multi-stub Matching Technique
作者: 林宏勳
Lin, Hung-Hsun
關鍵字: filter;濾波器;multi-stub;match;low-temperature co-fired ceramics;多殘段;匹配;低溫共燒陶瓷
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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阻抗與導納 J反轉子阻抗匹配。當多殘段阻抗匹配在相同阻抗值時,其微帶線將得到新的長度值。本論文將利用這些改變藉著多
在實務設計上,採用LTCC(Low-AemperaAure co-Bired Ceramics)

Three kinds of design methods for lowpass filters and highpass filters are presented in the thesis. Three kinds of microwave filters are the A-type, B-type and C-type separately. The A-type filter is only suitable for the odd orders. The B-type filter is only suitable for the even orders. The C-type filter is suitable for the odd orders and even orders. Due to the limitation of PCB board fabrication. This thesis concentrates on matching by changing multi-stub impedances in the research .
This work demonstrates three kinds of design formula in filters design and further discuss the impedance match of the multi-stub impedance and the admittance J inverters. The microstrip line obtain a new length value when the multi-stub impedances are matched at the same value. Therefore, a novel filter can be designed by adjusting the multi-stub impedance value.
Afterward the work further discusses the variation of the multi-stub impedance. The simulation results show that the insertion loss and the return loss have obvious improvement. During the increase of impedance value, the attenuation performances of the filter become sharply.
Practically, the designed lowpass and highpass filters are made by LTCC (low-temperature co-fired ceramics) process. At last, the thesis would demonstrate that the simulation results and the measurement results are identical.
其他識別: U0005-0108200702284500
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