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標題: 自平衡兩輪電動車之設計與控制
Design and Control of a Personal Self-balancing Two-wheel Scooter Design and Control of a Personal Self-balancing Two-wheel Scooter
作者: 顧耀宏
關鍵字: Self-balancing Two-wheel Scooter;自平衡兩輪電動車;Decoupling;Robust control;Fuzzy control;解耦控制;強健控制;模糊控制
出版社: 電機工程學系

This thesis develops techniques for system design, modeling and control of a personal self-balancing two-wheel scooter driven by two DC servomotors. The design attempts to construct a low-cost human transporter using low-tech commercial components. A mechatronic system structure for the vehicle is described and its mathematical modeling incorporating with the fiction between the wheels and motion surfaces is derived. The overall system can be divided into two subsystems: rotation subsystem and inverted pendulum subsystem. Two control methods are used to maintain the inverted pendulum; they are an integral control with state feedback and a fuzzy logic control. Two kinds of control laws, including robust PD feedback control and fuzzy PD control, are proposed to achieve the rotation control. Numerical and experimental results indicate that the proposed controllers are capable of providing appropriate control actions to steer the vehicle in desired manners.
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