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標題: 應用於不同特性阻抗之傳輸線轉換與帶通濾波器之設計
Design of Transmission-Line Transformer and Bandpass Filter with Different Characteristic Impedances
作者: 陳鶴文
Chen, Wen-Her
關鍵字: Transmission-Line Transformer;傳輸線轉換器;bandpass filter;Arbitrary frequencies;impedance matching;帶通濾波器;特定頻率;阻抗匹配
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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本論文包括兩個部份,在第一個部份是再做三階傳輸線的阻抗轉換,由於現今寬頻無線系統已經成為焦點,而三階傳輸線阻抗轉換器可以達到寬頻的阻抗匹配,並在特定的三個頻率有更小的反射損失,在兩端阻抗相差不大時可以在本論文看到S11在想要的頻段內皆小於負 ,在S21的損失都很小,可以達到超寬頻的匹配。而在兩端阻抗相差很大時,雖然不能做到超寬頻的匹配,但我們可以在論文中看到至少會有三個特定頻率可以良好S21,也就是說此論文做的三階傳輸線的阻抗轉換,可以很有效做在三特定的頻段做匹配,甚至可以達到超寬頻的匹配,而在三階傳輸線的阻抗轉換也比一階傳輸線的阻抗轉換和二階傳輸線的阻抗轉換有更多優點。

This thesis includes two parts. The first part shows how to design a Three-section Transmission-Line Transformer. Nowadays the Boardband System has become more and more popular. Three-section Transmission-Line Transformer could realize the impendence match in boardband system and the return loss would decrease at three design frequencies.
When the difference of the impedance between two ports is quite small,the S11 is less than -10dB and the S21 is nearly lossless.So it could realize the impedance match in Ultra Wideband.On the other side, when the difference of the impedance between two ports is large,Although it can not realize the impedance match in Ultra Wideband, There are still at least three specific frequencies with better S21 in the thesis . That means the proposed Three-section Transmission may realize impedance match effectively at three design frequencies and may further be match in Ultra Wide Band. There are more advantages in using Three-section Transmission than using one-section Transmission or two-section Transmission .
The second parts of the thesis shows how to design a filter with
different impedance of port-1 and port-2 by using three-section Transmission and filters. Generally, the filter plays an important role in RF system. Filters could be found everywhere at the transmitter or receiver. In the thesis, the main characteristic adopts the filter with different impedance of port-1 and port-2.
Since filters and impedances are very important components in RF system,thinking of combining both be a great idea. In the thesis, our purpose is to design a filter with different impedance of port-1 and port-2 and make the designed filter have the ability to achieve the impedance match and to filter the signal.
The validity of the three-section Transmission and the designed filter with different impedance of port-1 and port-2 are demonstrated by numerous results from analysis, simulation, and experiment.
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