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標題: 土壤吸附重金屬污染物能力之研究
作者: 謝永旭
關鍵字: 土壤;污染物;吸附;重金屬
出版社: 國立中興大學工學院;Airiti Press Inc.
Project: 興大工程學報, Volume 2, Page(s) 117-126.
本研究採實驗室批分式的模擬吸附方式探討土壤吸附重金屬的吸附能力,所採用的試土除台中市垃圾掩埋場所在地的紅壤土外,並包括本省分佈面積最廣的六種主要砂頁岩沖積土;經由實驗結果顯示七種供試土壤對重金屬的吸附去除能力依序為新營土 > 中興新村土 > 中興大學土~學甲土 > 臺中市垃圾掩埋場紅壤土 > 麻善土 > 通宵土;而重金屬被七種供試土壤吸附去除的順序依次為Pb~Cu > Ni~Cd > Zn。重金屬Cd之濃度愈高時,其被紅壤土吸附去除的效果愈好;惟Cd在高濃度且高pH值範圍內部份係因沈澱而被去除,故需以物種分佈為考慮,以判斷其最大可能沈澱量及最小可能吸附量。此外,有機錯合基EDTA的存在會與Cd起螫合作用,而降低紅壤土對Cd的吸附去除效果,且EDTA濃度愈高,吸附去除效果愈差。

The simulated adsorption batch experiments will be operated in this study to investigate the adsorption removal of heavy metals by soils; the tested soils include redloam from Taichung sanitary landfill site and six alluvial soils located over the mostwidespread area in Taiwan. The results indicate that the ability of heavy metal adsorption removal by such tested soils follows the trend: Hsinying soil > Chunghsin Village soil > Chung Hsing University soil~ Hsuehchia soil > Taichung sanitary landfillsoil > Mashan soil > Tunghsiao soil; while the heavy metal adsorption removal follows: Pb~Cu > Ni~Cd > Zn. The adsorption removal by red loam increases with Cd con-centration; however, part of Cd removal in high pH region for high Cd concentrationis due to precipitation. Thus, considering the speciation distribution is necessary todetermine the maximum probable precipitated amount and the minimum probableadsorbed amount. Additionally, in the presence of organic ligand, EDTA, the adsorp-tion effect of Cd by red loam is suppressed due to the complexation with EDTA, andthe adsorption is decreased with increasing EDTA concentration.
ISSN: 1017-4397
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