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標題: 被覆氧化矽薄膜之金屬線材界面機械性質研究
作者: 薛富盛
關鍵字: 氧化矽;電漿輔助化學氣相沈積;界面;鍵結強度;剪應力強度
出版社: 國立中興大學工學院;Airiti Press Inc.
Project: 興大工程學報, Volume 8, Issue 2, Page(s) 11-19.
隨界面鍵結強度而變化。氧化矽 / 金之界面強度經測量僅為 0.23 MPa,由於鍵結強度太弱
而造成拉伸時鍍膜容易剝落,而其裂紋和拉伸軸約略成 45 °夾角。 相對地,氧化矽 / 銅
之界面強度值至少為 0.885 MPa,而其鍍膜裂紋皆垂直於拉伸軸且形成週期性排列,經由週
期性裂紋寬度求得界面剪應力值為 49.5 MPa。

The interfacial mechanical properties of two systems, SiOx/Au and SiOx
/Cu, were measured by a modified periodic cracking method. The state of stress
in the SiOx-coated metal wires with cylindrical symmetry were analyzed using a
classic model of continuum elasticity. Experimentally the measurement was
carried out by a uniaxial tensile test. Specimens for the tensile test were
prepared by depositing a thin layer of SiOx on the metal wires by a plasma
enhanced chemical vapor deposition ( PECVD ) technique. After tensile loading,
it was found that the fracture morphology of the SiOx coating depended upon the
bonding strength of the interfaces. For a weak interface such as SiOx/Au with a
measured bonding strength of 0.230 MPa, debonding at the interface prevailed and
most of the cracks in the SiOx coating were inclined to the tensile axis by
45 °.In contrast, cracks in the coating of a strong interface such as SiOx/Cu
showed periodicity and were perpendicular to the tensile axis. The bonding
strength of the interface was estimated to be, at least, 0.885 MPa, while the
ultimate shear strength was measured to be 49.5 MPa.
ISSN: 1017-4397
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