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標題: 450℃退火對Cz矽晶內氧凝聚遲滯現象所造成的影響
An Observation of Oxygen Precipitation Retardation Phenomenon Induced by 450℃Anneal in Czochralski Silicon
作者: 貢中元
關鍵字: 氧凝聚遲滯;氧凝聚物;二溫階退火;三溫階退火;微觀結構
出版社: 國立中興大學工學院;Airiti Press Inc.
Project: 興大工程學報, Volume 8, Issue 2, Page(s) 21-29.
究 Cz 矽晶內的氧凝聚行為。在二溫階的實驗中觀察到很明顯的氧凝聚遲滯現象,然而在三
溫階實驗中氧凝聚遲滯現象則不明顯。在三溫階實驗第一步驟 1150 ℃的高溫退火,會使氧
凝聚遲滯現象在較短的孕核時間內發生。 我們發現矽晶內的微觀缺陷隨著 450 ℃的孕核時
間而改變。二溫階與三溫階退火所產生的微觀缺陷隨 450 ℃退火時間的變化是十分類似的

Two-step(450℃-1000℃)and three-step (1150℃-450℃-1000℃)annealing
experiments were carried out to study oxygen percipitation behavior in
Czochralski silicon. A distinct retardation of precipitation was observed during
the two-step anneal,while the retardation during the three-step anneal was less
pronounced. With the three-step anneal, the first hight temperature 1150 ℃
anneal in N ?? ambient caused the retardation to occur at shorter nucleation
times. The microstructure characteristics as function of uncleation ( 450 ℃)
anneal time were similar in the two-step and three-step annealed samples.
ISSN: 1017-4397
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