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標題: VICO:網路視訊會議系統
作者: 王宗銘 
關鍵字: 視訊會議;DVI壓縮技術;多媒體;網路
出版社: 國立中興大學工學院;Airiti Press Inc.
Project: 興大工程學報, Volume 8, Issue 2, Page(s) 59-74.
The combination of the networks and multimedia has been a popular
research subject in the recent year. This paper presents our approaches to
developing a point-to-point video conference system, VICO, based on the personal
computer environments. The compression techniques adopted in the VICO system is
based on the Intel's DVI technology ( Digital Video Interactive ).The network
transmission is based on FDDI and Ethernet networks. A number of Windows
programming techniques are adopted. In particular, Winsock API techniques are
utilized for system development to increase the system portability. VICO system
is designed to include a system kernel module and several other modules, each of
which is developed for the corresponding functionality. The video and audio
module and the network module are used to deliver the text, graphics, audio and
video data. The file transfer module and the whiteboard module enables the
copy-and-paste data to be transferred in between systems and application
programs. A comprehensive user interface is provided by the user interface
module allowing system menu to be operated through the push-down buttons, and
network games can be played concurrently between the two ends. The performance
of the VICO system is in a moderate level when using 30 frames per second with
256 × 240 resolutions for each frame in a FDDI network. The development of the
VICO system has demonstrated that our approach is feasible to develop a
point-to-point video conference system based on the personal computer

要論述在個人電腦上發展一套點對點的視訊會議系統 VICO 所使用的方法與技術。 VICO 利
用 Digital Video Interactive 即時影像壓縮技術。 系統以模組化方式發展並採用
Winsock 網路應用程式介面。系統主要是由一個系統核心單元和五個子系統所組成。視訊音
來操作所有的系統功能。 VICO 系統經測試結果顯示,在 FDDI 網路和 Ethernet 網路上,
以每秒 30 張圖框,解析度為 256 × 240 大小之視窗來播放視訊與音訊時,系統之整體操
即時壓縮卡之硬體限制;程式尚未最佳化。 本文之結論為利用 DVI 壓縮技術和適切的技術
、技巧, 可以在以 PC 為基礎之 FDDI 與 Ethernet 網路發展一套點對點的視訊會議系統
。 VICO 系統發展過程中之經驗、技術與技巧可供爾後發展多人視訊會議系統之參酌。
ISSN: 1017-4397
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