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標題: 對於非特定文字語者驗證系統之改良
An Enhanced Text-Independent Speaker Verification System
作者: 李昱鴻
Li, Yu-hong
關鍵字: text-independent speaker verification;非特定文字語者驗證;background model;equal error rate;背景語者摩模型;等錯誤率
出版社: 電機工程學系

Speaker verification is an important technique in security and crime monitored, in this thesis, we proposed two algorithms to perform a traditional text-independent speaker verification system. First, an entropy algorithms is used in endpoint detection, and determine the test utterance length, next, a normalized background model is proposed to enhance the verification rate, the difference of our proposed model and traditional background model is computation decreasing. Experimental results demonstrate that our proposed algorithm was efficiency on text-independent speaker verification system, the proposed background model is normalized with the consequence of more compact score distribution and low equal error rate, moreover, experimental result of entropy-based algorithm prove that the improved feature can be successfully used in the noisy environments.
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