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標題: Polysulfone微過濾中空纖維薄膜之表面改質與親和吸附
作者: 孫幸宜
關鍵字: 中空纖維薄膜;表面改質;親和吸附
出版社: 國立中興大學工學院;Airiti Press Inc.
Project: 興大工程學報, Volume 9, Issue 2, Page(s) 75-82.
本研究主要探討polysulfone微過濾用中空纖維薄膜在親和吸附之應用,包括其表面改質方法,配位分子固定化以及親和吸附蛋白質之效果。表面改質過程中結合含富OH基的聚醣類hydroxyethyl cellulose,使polysulfone薄膜擁有多量的自由OH基,以利結合較多之配位分子。本研究使用Cibacron Blue 3GA做為配位分子,將其固定於中空纖維薄膜上,結果獲得了藍色的中空纖維且顏色分佈均勻,顯示此方法的成功。另外,本研究使用不同重量濃度之Cibacron Blue 3GA於固定化實驗所得之薄膜與蛋白質lysozyme進行親和吸附,並評估不同溫度下之吸附行為。結果顯示,lysozyme吸附量隨著Cibacron Blue 3GA濃度增加而增加,且吸附量很接近於傳統層析技術所用固體顆粒之吸附量,更加驗證此中空纖維薄膜表面改質方法之可行性。

Affinity adsorption of surface-modified polysulfone microfiltration hollow fiber was studied. In this study, hydroxyethyl cellulose was coupled onto hollow fiber in order to provide more hydroxyls for further ligand immobilization where Cibacron Bule 3GA was used as ligand. The experimental data show that the spatial distribution of the blue color from Cibacron Blue 3GA on the outer surface of hollow fiber is relatively even, indicating the achievement of a successful surface modification. In addition, the adsorption behavior of lysozyme with immobilized Cibacron Blue 3GA at different temperatures was investigated. The results show that the adsorption capacity increases with the concentration of Cibacron Blue 3GA employed for immobilization. The adsorption capacity of lysozyme onto hollow fiber is similar to that for gel beads, providing their good performance for further separation applications.
ISSN: 1017-4397
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