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標題: 錐形瓶中氣液質傳係數及好氣培養菌體濃度之估算方法
作者: 劉永銓
關鍵字: 錐形瓶;好氣醱酵;質傳係數;大腸桿菌
出版社: 國立中興大學工學院;Airiti Press Inc.
Project: 興大工程學刊, Volume 10, Issue 2, Page(s) 9-14.
Oxygen mass transfer rate of the flask is a very critical factor in microbial cultivation
process. However, there are few literatures concerning about it. When dealing with cultivation
condition, one tends to apply rule of thumb. In this study, mathematical models are employed to
predict oxygen mass transfer coefficient with respect to the flask working volume and rotary rate of
incubator. A simple empirical design is carried out to obtain the cell concentration in aerobic
cultivation condition. In addition, the cell concentration is correlated to the mass transfer coefficient.
The statistical contour of cell concentrations with respect to the flask operational conditions is
established. The specific oxygen consumption rate of the strain is also calculated.

ISSN: 1017-4397
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