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標題: 煙囪式出流口滯洪壩流量公式之實驗研究
作者: 陳正炎
關鍵字: 白努利方程式;有效流量係數;煙囪式出流口
出版社: 國立中興大學工學院;Airiti Press Inc.
Project: 興大工程學刊, Volume 10, Issue 3, Page(s) 47-55.
The theoretical and experimental analysis were used for this research
to investigate the discharge formula of detention dam with chimney outlet on
hillslope. The outlet control section combine upper rectangle with inferior
trapezoid. Theoretical discharge formulas were obtained from Bernoulli's
equation, with the effective discharge coefficient for adjustment. Effective
discharge coefficient and experimental discharge formulas were obtained by using
the experiment of different chimney outlets. Under 5% channel bed slope, the
discharge formulas of compound outlets with metric system are outlined as
(1) The water depth fall into trapezoidal section
Q=2/3(0.505)2g { bh-4/5mh }( 0 ≦ h ≦ p )
(2) The water depth above trapezoidal section
Q=2/3(0.505)2g { bh-4/5m 〔 h+(h-p) 〕}( p < h ≦ H )
where Q(cms) is the discharge of outlet, h is the water depth of outlet, g is
gravitational acceleration, b is the breadth at bottom of trapezoidal section, p
is the height of trapezium, side slopes of m (horizontal): 1 (vertical) of the
trapezoidal section, H is the height of outlet control section.

入有效流量係數 Ce 為校正參數,推得理論流量公式;再配合不同梯形開口尺度進行渠槽試
考。經由理論推導與實驗數據分析,獲致在渠床坡度 5% 之煙囪式出流口公制流量公式如下
Q=2/3(0.505)2g { bh-4/5mh }( 0 ≦ h ≦ p )
Q=2/3(0.505)2g { bh-4/5m 〔 h+(h-p) 〕}( p < h ≦ H )
式中Q( cms )為出流口流量,h 為出流口水深, g 為重力加速度,b、p、m 分別為梯形
斷面之底寬、高度及側坡水平比值,H 為出流口斷面最大高度。
ISSN: 1017-4397
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