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標題: WebCow:以全球資訊網為基礎的電腦輔助合作共同編輯系統
作者: 王宗銘 
關鍵字: 電腦輔助合作工作;共同編輯系統;全球資訊網
出版社: 國立中興大學工學院;Airiti Press Inc.
Project: 興大工程學刊, Volume 10, Issue 3, Page(s) 79-94.
This paper presents an approach to developing a multi-group co-editing
system on Word-Wide Web (WWW) where an experimental system being developed was
referred to as WebCow system (World-Wide Web Co-operative Work). WebCow adopts
as the system architecture the common client-server computational model and dual
servers, WWW server and WebCow Server. The WWW server is responsible to ensure
the downloading and updating of the coediting materials between the on-line
participants. The self-designed WebCow server, however,is dedicated to providing
services to on-line co-editors to achieve targets of computer-supported
cooperative work. It facilitates the uploading and sharing of co-editing
materials by combining with various techniques including self-defined MIME type
file, Netscape Plug-Ins, ISAPI, virtual work space, among others. The system
evaluation has demonstrated that it is able to support up to 12 users working
synchronously while still endorsing the data consistence and completeness of
co-editing materials. The downloading and updating of approximate 30652 bytes of
co-editing materials are no longer than 30 seconds, and on-line participants are
allowed to engage in one of the six different editing groups. The system
administrator can dynamically adjust numbers of participants based on the system
status and network bandwidth to maintain quality of service. This paper
concludes that dual-server architecture together with multiform techniques
presented are feasible to develop a multi-group coediting system on WWW.

用主從架構雙伺服器,結合商用全球資訊網伺服器( WWW Server )與自行研發的系統伺服
器( WebCow Server )。WebCow 系統藉由全球資訊網伺服器提供同步連線工作者對共同編
輯資料之下載與更新( Download and Update )。 至於系統伺服器則結合自行研發訂定的
MIME Type、 瀏覽器隨插即入功能( Plug-Ins )、虛擬工作區等來服務同步連線工作者,
並控制共同編輯資料之上傳( Upload )與共享( Sharing )。 藉此兩伺服器,以彌補全
WebCow 系統至少可提供 12 位使用者同時上線共同創作編輯, 並保證各使用者資料的完整
性與一致性。 此外,每位線上使用者最遲在 30 秒內可完成共同編輯資料大小為 30652 位
元組之下載與更新;再者,使用者可依個別需要在 6 個群組內自由參與。 最後,系統管理
ISSN: 1017-4397
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