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標題: 史衛夫特遊過兒童文學:《格列弗遊記》之文類研究
Swift's Travels beyond Children's Literature: A Generic Study of Gulliver's Travels
作者: 李宜庭
Lee, I-Ting
關鍵字: Jonathan Swift;史衛夫特;Satire;Fantasy;Generic Study;諷刺文學;兒童文學;奇幻;文類研究
出版社: 外國語文學系所
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本論文是透過文類的研究來探討史衛夫特的《格列弗遊記》。其目的在指出:《格列弗遊記》是個獨特的例子,它代表作者史衛夫特的特殊寫作風格:從想像的與好玩的兒童文學出發,然後快速地轉成現實的與痛批的成人文學,即諷刺文。在第一章導論中,簡介史衛夫特的生平與著作。文中指出:史衛夫特似乎缺乏可記憶之童年,長大卻奔走於英格蘭與愛爾蘭兩地間,而牽涉政治與宗教事務。但其最大成就在於寫作,尤其是用散文所寫出的諷刺文。《格列弗遊記》便是其中之傑作。本論文第二章定義「兒童文學」,討論其類別,並列舉其特徵。另外,定義「諷刺文」,討論其類型,並探討其與兒童文學之對比差異。本論文第三章,根據兒童文學與諷刺文最大的差異 (即想像的內容與嬉玩的口吻對比實際的內容與挖苦的口吻),詳細討論《格列弗遊記》中四篇遊記裡,格列弗在各「奇幻之地」,所見所聞所反映出的兒童文學成分與諷刺文成分。本論文第四章將焦點放在史衛夫特如何奔走超越兒童文學。首先指出:《格列弗遊記》常被改編,而改編之《格列弗遊記》常是兒童讀本。接著簡介朗文版、麥克米倫/書林版、牛津版、與企鵝版等四種版本的《格列弗遊記》。最後指出:那些改編之作均是簡易、縮短之作,較適合兒童閱讀。但在改編之下,証明史衛夫特有創造兒童文學之潛力,只是他習慣於迅速越過兒童文學,而轉入屬於成人的諷刺文而己。本論文之結論為:《格列弗遊記》証實史衛夫特有其獨特的「後現代性」,那就是「混雜」。史衛夫特成功地在《格列弗遊記》中混雜幻想悅人的兒童文學與實際誨人的成人文學,因而比《魯賓遜漂流記》以及《戇弟德》還更受歡迎。

This thesis is a generic study of Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels. It aims to point out that Gulliver's Travels is a unique example of Swift's swift shift from children's literature to satire, that is, from a children's genre to an adults' genre. In the introductory chapter, Swift's life and works are briefly mentioned. Noted particularly are the facts, among others, that Swift seems to lack a memorable childhood, that he traveled constantly between Ireland and England and got involved in the political and religious affairs of the two nations, and that his greatest achievement lies in his writing, especially in his prose satire as seen in Gulliver's Travels. The second chapter defines children's literature, discusses its subgenres, and enumerates its characteristics, besides defining satire, discussing its types, and considering its characteristic contrasts with children's literature. Based on the greatest contrasts, that is, the fanciful content and the playful tone of children's literature versus the factual content and the painful tone of satire, the third chapter provides a detailed discussion of Gulliver's four voyages to the “wonderlands.” In the fourth chapter, then, the focus is on how Swift “travels” beyond children's literature. Four adaptations of Swift's original Gulliver's Travels are introduced: the Longman Edition, the Macmillan/Bookman Edition, the Oxford Edition, and the Penguin Edition. Such adaptations are all simplified and abridged versions intended for children. They reveal Swift's potential for children's literature. They also show Swift's swift shift from the potential to his talented genre, satire. The thesis concludes in the fifth chapter that Gulliver's Travels demonstrates Swift's uniqueness in the postmodern tendency towards “hibridity”: he succeeds in making Gulliver's Travels a great hybrid, combining the fantastic and amusing in children's literature with the factual and instructive in adults' literature. That is why the work is more popular than Robinson Crusoe and Candide.
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