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標題: 以0.13微米互補式金氧半導體實現17-GHz差動控制之非可變電容形態的電感電容式壓控震盪器
作者: 楊清淵
關鍵字: Transformer;變壓器;LC oscillator;Voltage-controlled oscillator;電感電容共振;壓控震盪器
出版社: 國立中興大學工學院;Airiti Press Inc.
Project: 興大工程學刊, Volume 18, Issue 3, Page(s) 167-174.
The paper describes a 17-GHz monolithic LC-tank voltage-controlled oscillator (VCOs) with a tunable-inductance technique implemented in a 0.13-?m CMOS technology. The performance of LC-based oscillators heavily depends on the quality of inductors and capacitors. Traditionally, the mostly used approach of on-chip inductors is the spiral inductor made of metal tracks available. Since it is difficult to vary the value of monolithic inductors, the LC-tank includes a voltage-dependent capacitor. i.e., varactor, to tune oscillating frequencies and to synthesize the specified frequency band under all conditions. Unlike the traditional tuning method by a varactor, in this work a tunable inductor, which is introduced by a transformer based on tuning currents from the active components controlled by the input voltage, is employed in the VCO. The tunable inductor uses a transformer to compensate for the energy loss and achieves to change the oscillating frequencies. Without a varactor, the oscillator can easily arrive at the requirement for high-frequency operation. The VCO using a symmetry trasformer provides the tuning range of 16.67 to 17.47 GHz (4.7%) at a 1.2V supply. With operating in a 17-GHz band, the measured phase noise is -110 dBc/Hz at 1MHz offset, and the VCO dissipates around 3.6 mW.

本篇論文描述17-GHz電感電容共振式之可調電感的壓控振盪器,並以0.13微米互補式金氧半導體製程技術實現單晶片電路,最後實驗加以驗證。電感電容共振式壓控振盪器的特性主要決定於電路中的電感和電容的性質。傳統上,高頻積體電路採用的晶片電感金屬層環繞而成的螺旋電感來設計;然而,由於很難去改變其電感量,因此電感電容共振器會包含一個與電壓特性有關的電容元件--可變電容,用來調整振盪頻率,合成各種所需的頻率規格。不同於傳統作法,我們所設計的壓控振盪器之頻率調變方式是利用控制電壓改變主動元件上的電流,進而影響變壓器上的等效電感,亦即利用變壓器在能量上的補償來做改變共振器的電感達到頻率改變的目的。少了可變電容的使用,共振器的振盪頻率就可以增加,進而達到更高頻率的需求。此壓控振盪器是使用對稱型的變壓器,在1.2伏特的供應電壓中,可提供16.67到17.47GHz的可調頻率範圍(4.7%)。當操作在17 GHz的頻率時,其相對的相位雜訊在1 MHz偏移處為-110dBc/Hz,電路本身所消耗功率為3.6毫瓦。
ISSN: 1017-4397
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