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標題: 土壤特性對井間介入性示蹤劑試驗之影響
作者: 莊淑惠
關鍵字: Organic matter;有機質;pH;Partitioning interwell tracer test;酸鹼值;井間介入性示蹤劑試驗
出版社: 國立中興大學工學院;Airiti Press Inc.
Project: 興大工程學刊, Volume 19, Issue 2, Page(s) 111-123.
This research applies the PITT technique in a series of column tests to detect and estimate the residual saturation of diesel in the sand-packed columns. Due to the fact that the differences between the field conditions and laboratory environments may result indifferent conclusion, this research investigates the impacts of organic matters of soil and the pH value in groundwater to the PITT results. The results show that PITT can accurately estimate the diesel's residual saturation under ideal conditions. The errors are around 10%. However, when organic matters introduced in the soil, the adsorption and partition behaviors of the tracers are significantly affected, resulted in errors as high as 270%, and higher impacts were observed when more organic matters exist. For the PITT results with pH value of groundwater ranges from 5 to 9, no significant differences were observed.

臺灣地區近??加油站之管線、貯槽發生油品洩?的問題迭有所聞,而當此?事件發生時,準確的偵測出污染物之所在位置及含?是整治工作的首要步驟。油品係非水相液體(Nonaqueous Phase Liquids, NAPLs),而井間介入性示蹤劑試驗 (Partitioning Interwell Tracer Test, PITT)乃目前偵測NAPLs污染的一種新方法,準確?也相當?錯。有鑑於許多偵測技術應用於實場時,往往因自然環境條件的影響而導致效果?佳。因此本研究以遭柴油污染的土壤為研究對象,探討土壤中之有機質及水質之酸鹼?對PITT偵測結果的干擾情形。結果顯示:於?想條件下PITT試驗對土樣中柴油之殘餘飽和?具有準確的推估能?,誤差約在10%;然而當土壤中含有機質時,由於有機質對示蹤劑有吸附、介入等反應現象,使得示蹤劑之介入性明顯受到影響,而且隨著有機質含?增多,干擾程?亦隨之增大,所導致之誤差可達270%。此一影響情形與吸附現象之特性相似。另經由調整水質之酸鹼?所進?的研究發現,??是?酸性或?鹼性水質對PITT試驗之準確?並無明顯之影響。
ISSN: 1017-4397
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