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標題: 水田施撒苦茶粕對泥鰍之影響評估
作者: 陳榮松
關鍵字: Agricultural canal;農水路;Tea seed meal;Saponin;Loach;苦茶粕;皂素;泥鰍
出版社: 國立中興大學工學院;Airiti Press Inc.
Project: 興大工程學刊, Volume 21, Issue 1, Page(s) 1-10.
The farmers often strew tea seed meal during transplantation of rice seedlings in the paddy field to reduce the harm caused by Pomacea canaliculata. However, tea seed meal would endanger the other creatures in the paddy field. Therefore, this study intended to utilize Vanillin-sulfuric acid and loach (Misgurnus anguillicaudatus) to find out the duration of harm caused by tea seed meal and the solution to reduce the harm. It is suggested to block the outlet of the farmland and strew the tea seed meal after transplanting rice seedlings. Moreover, it is also recommended to irrigate the paddy field after two days in summer (the first crops) and three days in spring (the second crops). It's not recommended to drain water, so as to reduce the harm to creatures. Besides, the high water temperature in summer also has negative influence over the paddy field and creatures.

ISSN: 1017-4397
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