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標題: 油品污染土壤清洗處理:界面活性劑清洗液篩選
作者: 簡維均
關鍵字: Soil and groundwater contamination;土壤及地下水污染;Total petroleum hydrocarbon;Surfactant;Soil washing;總石油碳氫化合物;界面活性劑;土壤清洗
出版社: 國立中興大學工學院;Airiti Press Inc.
Project: 興大工程學刊, Volume 21, Issue 3, Page(s) 117-127.
Soil washing is a fast and cost-effective treatment process for petroleum contaminated soil. This process also exhibits advantages such as easy operation, high treatment efficiency and the devices that could be easily moved whenever and wherever required at a contaminated site. Therefore, when it is urgent to clean up a contaminated site for future trading of the land, soil washing is a potential remediation process. In this study, different types and concentrations of surfactants were evaluated for treating total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPHs) contaminated field soils in order to achieve separation of TPHs from soils. However, it should be noted that the effectiveness of soil washing is usually influenced by soil characteristics, extents of contamination and washing operational parameters. The main objective of this study was to select suitable surfactant for soil washing and the result showed that around 80% of TPHs removals from contaminated using can be achieved by using both surfactants, branch alkylbenzene sulfonate and POE (20) sorbitan monooleate. Additionally, the soil particles well settled and residual surfactants that may pose potential threat to the environmental were low on soils after washing by these two surfactants. As a result, these two surfactants were suggested as potential reagents for soil washing of TPH contaminated soils.

土壤清洗(soil washing)?一項快速且經濟效益上可行之離址(ex-situ)處理油品污染土壤方式之一,具操作容易處理效率高及處理設備可依場址需求而移動等優點,因此對於污染場址土壤急需完成整治以進行土地轉移買賣時,土壤清洗法?值得加以評估的整治技術,因此本實驗利用不同種類及濃度之界面活性劑(surfactant)配製清洗液,用以處理總石油碳氫化合物(total petroleum hydrocarbon, TPH)污染之土壤,使TPH予以分離至液相中,以達到整治污染土壤之目的。然而因清洗程度受土壤特性、污染程度及清洗操作參數之不同而影響整治成效,因此本計畫嘗試篩選適當種類之界面活性劑作?污染土壤清洗液,結果顯示洗衣粉及聚氧乙烯(20)山梨醇單油酸酯對TPH去除率可達到80%以上,清洗後之土壤於此兩種清洗液中沉降性良好,並且清洗過後之土壤經分析後顯示,界面活性劑僅些微殘留於土壤中,其使用對環境造成的危害較小,因此建議此兩種試劑可作?土壤清洗之界面活性劑。
ISSN: 1017-4397
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