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標題: Rapid+Detection+of+Mycobacteria+Using+Biofunctinalized+Quantum+Dots
作者: 邱天安
關鍵字: Biofunctionalization;生物功能化;Quantum dots;Rapid biodetection;Mycobacteria;量子粒;快速生物檢測;結核桿菌
出版社: 國立中興大學工學院;Airiti Press Inc.
Project: 興大工程學刊, Volume 21, Issue 3, Page(s) 97-104.
近幾年來,結核桿菌屬之Mycobacterium immunogenum被發現可引起過敏性肺炎,類似菌種也被發現存在於游泳池、飲用水配水系統、溫泉浴場、水災淹沒之建築物與金屬切削製程等;並且由於抗生素之濫用,在分類學上同屬之肺結核桿菌(Mycobacterium tuberculosis)抗藥性增強,目前可造成每年150萬人死亡,高居全球疾病致死率之前五名,且有愈演愈烈之情況。因此快速檢測及準確量化環境中之結核桿菌(mycobacteria)是非常重要的。但因結核桿菌通常生長緩慢且容易聚集,以傳統的培養方式鑑定或量化時,既曠日費時又容易低估數量。在較複雜的樣品中,如沉澱池水樣與金屬切削液中,使用光學儀器直接偵測,則可能發生干擾而影響偵測準確度。?有效偵測量化結核桿菌,此研究中採用超音波震盪分散之前處理,並藉由流式細胞儀、生物功能化量子粒(biofunctionalized quantum dots)及影像分析等技術,快速偵測結核桿菌。此方法可有效縮短95%之檢測時間。利用流式細胞儀配合生物功能化量子粒,對於結核桿菌的鑑別有相當高的準確性,與目前最快速有效之奈米免疫磁性粒子(nanoimmunomagnetic particle)方法比較,其標定成功率更高,回收率更高(達100%)且偵測時間更短。

Mycobacterium immunogenum has recently been revealed to be the most probable causative agent of hypersensitivity pneumonitis and similar bacteria have also been discovered in swimming pools, drinking water distribution systems, spa, flooded buildings, and metalworking processes. Due to the wide overuse of antibiotics, now resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis claimed more than 1.6 million lives per year and tuberculosis is ranked within the top five deadliest infectious diseases. Thus, rapid quantification and accurate identification of environmental mycobacteria is imperative. However, due to its slow growth and aggregate-forming characteristics, traditional culture-based methods are time-consuming and often result in underestimation. In some complex environmental samples, such as water samples from sedimentation tanks and metalworking processes, direct optical detection is not feasible due to interference. In this study, we applied sonication pretreatment, flow cytometry, biofunctionalized quantum dots, and visual analysis to rapid detection and quantification of mycobacteria. This method shortened the assay time by more than 95%. The result showed that coupling flow cytometry with biofunctionalized quantum dots can achieve highly accurate quantification of mycobacteria and the recovery is 100% within much shorter period due to omission of centrifugation step.
ISSN: 1017-4397
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