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標題: 群集技術在影像分割及資料分析上的應用
Image segmentation and data analysis using clustering techniques
作者: 葉佳威
yeh, gai-wei
關鍵字: clustering analysis;群集分析;microarray;Image segmentation;微陣列;影像分割
出版社: 電機工程學系

This research presents the application of different clustering methods and the procedure of each application in clustering analysis. The research first previews some common clustering algorithm such as hierarchical clustering methods and partitional clustering methods which include FCM and PCM. Also, we have introduced a recently presented robust clustering method, named similarity-based clustering method. This clustering method will show majority of robustness.
The application in clustering methods includes two aspects: microarray analysis and image segmentation. The microarray analysis shows how to preprocess the data, how to use clustering analysis as following four clustering methods: FCM, PCM, and SCM. Furthermore, it compares different preprocessing methods and different clustering methods. The image segmentation includes usage of different feature vectors, clustering analysis, binary, post processing, and lastly the edge detection of the binary image.
Finally, we will make recommendations on the future of the clustering techniques, and provide different suggestions on clustering analysis in different applications, wishing to improve the efficiency and increase advantages.
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