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標題: 應用特徵臉與類神經網路於人臉偵測
Face Detection Using Eigenface and Neural Network
作者: 鄭雯菁
關鍵字: Face recognition;人臉偵測;Face detection;Eigenface;Neural network;人臉辨識;特徵臉;類神經網路
出版社: 電機工程學系

Face recognition is a popular topic of biometric research. Face detection and localization is the most important pre-processing module of a face recognition system. The purpose of face detection is to search and localize the position of faces in an image with varied background. In this thesis, we propose a novel face detection system which is combined the eigenface algorithm with the neural network. The candidate face region is confirmed as the face block image by analyzing the geometry distribution of the edge of facial features. In our experiments, the proposed face detection system has high face detection rate and less false detections.
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