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標題: 應用於IEEE802.11之濾波器的分析與設計
Analysis and Design of Filters for IEEE802.11 Applications
作者: 洪國育
Hong, Guo-YO
關鍵字: stepped-impedance Low Pass Filter( LPF);步階低通濾波器;highpass filter;J-inverter;Bandpass filter;高通濾波器;導納轉換器;帶通濾波器
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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Our target is to design a bandpass filter by cascading stepped-impedance Low Pass Filter( LPF)and highpass filter . The stepped-impedance LPF is employed to attenuate the upper stopband and the quarter-ware short-circuited stubs are used to realize the lower stopband. Through the designed bandpass filter, it can increase the total bandwidth.
Moreover, the dual-band bandpass filters are designed by using the impedance ratio of stepped impeedance resonator and meander of transmission Line.The impedance ratio and the meander could control the frequency of the second harmonic and the baseband ratio. According to that,we analyze several kinds of stepped impeedance resonator and use them to design the dual-band bandpass filters.In the thsis , The proposed bandpass filters and dual-band bandpass filters are designed for IEEE 802.11a/b wireless communicatuon system.
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