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標題: 低電壓低功率高擺幅電容式麥克風前置放大電路
A Low-voltage Low-power High-swing Preamplifier for Electret Condenser Microphones
作者: 鄭旺泉
Cheng, Wang-Chuan
關鍵字: Electret Condenser Microphone;電容式麥克風;Automatic Center-voltage-controlled Shift Buffer;Self-biased Complementary-folded-cascode Amplifier;SB-CFC;自動中點電壓移位緩衝電路;自我偏壓互補摺疊式疊接放大器
出版社: 電機工程學系
本篇論文旨在研究電容式麥克風前置放大器電路,所提出的電路由兩個主要電路所組成,分別是「自動中點電壓移位緩衝電路」(Automatic Center-voltage-controlled Shift Buffer , ACSB)及一個改良的「自我偏壓互補摺疊式疊接放大器」(Self-biased Complementary-folded-cascode Amplifier,SB-CFC)電路做為整個電路的放大核心。
論文電路設計以台積電TSMC 0.35um MIXED MODE (2P4M,3.3V/5V) POLYCIDE為製程技術,所設計之電路具有1.6V至4.6V寬廣的電源電壓使用範圍。在電源電壓為2.8V時僅消耗81.45μW,輸出擺幅在1%失真度可達905mVrms,在聲頻範圍之下PSRR高達61dB。

In this thesis, the preamplifier for Electret Condenser Microphones is investigated. The circuit consists of two main electric circuits, one is "Automatic Center-voltage-controlled Shift Buffer, ACSB," the other is an improved "Self-biased Complementary-folded-cascode Amplifier, SB-CFC ".
The proposed circuit is designed by using the TSMC 0.35um MIXED MODE (2P4M,3.3V/5V) POLYCIDE technology. The range of power supply voltage is widely from 1.6V to 4.6V. When the supply voltage is fixed at 2.8 V, the power dissipation is only 81.45 μ W. The output voltage swing is up to 905 mVrms when the total distortion is scaled at 1%. The power supply reject ratio (PSRR) in audio frequency range is up to 61 dB.Therefore, the proposed circuit can be widely used at low-power, low-dissipation, high-PSRR applications.
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