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標題: 用於差別式服務上的擴充性速率適應結構
A Scalable Rate Adaptation Structure for Differential Service
作者: 林廣
Kuang, Lin
關鍵字: 差別式服務;Differential Service;擴充性;演算法;效能;方法;缺點
出版社: 電機工程學系
為了在可擴充性的網路環境中提供差別式服務(DiffServ),Reference [1]提出了一個特別的方法來實現這項需求。隨後,Reference [2]提供了一個新的演算法來改善在[1]中所發生的缺點。我們觀察這兩個方法的結果,發現這兩個方法都有一個相同的問題,那就是無法正確地估計相關的資訊。所以我們提出了一個不同的演算機制來改善這種情況。我們著重的焦點在於試著去得到被分享到的服務速率的正確值,然後我們再用一個新的演算法去使得傳輸效能變得更好。在模擬的結果中,可以證明我們的作法可以達到這個目標。

In order to provide Differentiated Service (DiffServ) in a scalable network environment, Reference [1] proposed a special way to realize the need. And then Reference [2] provided a novel algorithm to improve the drawbacks happened in [1]. We observed the results of the two methods, and discovered that both of them have the same problem that is fail to estimate the correct related information. So we proposed a different architecture to improve the situation. The key point we focused on is try to get the correct shared service transmission rate, and then we use a new algorithm to make the throughput better. The simulation can prove that our method can achieve the purpose.
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