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標題: 西晉宗王奪權誅戮與邑野蕭條
作者: 車傳鼎
關鍵字: 京師洛陽;黃橋之役;西晉宗王;武帝司馬炎;惠帝司馬衷;邑野蕭條;黃河南北兩岸;殺戮戰場;舉兵向闕;軍事重鎮;宗王出專重鎮
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學歷史學系
Project: 興大歷史學報, Volume 8, Page(s) 1-37.
Empeor Wen Di (Cao Pi) maltreated his close Kins so that Cao Wei had no tribal territories of Portect the central segime and farther accelerated the destruction of the Dynesty. So when Emperor Wu Di (Sima Yan) wes enthroned, he colonized his close ki
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