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標題: Linux叢集系統負載平衡閘道器ONE-IP機制實作
ONE-IP Technique Implement On Linux Loading Balance Cluster Gateway
作者: 謝明麟
Hsieh, Ming Lin
關鍵字: Linux;負載平衡;ONE-IP;Loading balance;cluster systems;implement;叢集系統;實作
出版社: 電機工程學系
也因而提出更有效置換目前技術上軟體派送分配技術(dispatching)而實作成專屬硬體閘道器(Hardware Gateway)加上軟體模組功能,更能兼顧成本效益之提昇,以目前嵌入式系統成熟技術,配合系統單晶片SOC簡化硬體整合已是時下所趨。

In the recent years, because the price of personal computer is so cheap and people extensively uses network to connect to the web sites, the traffic of World Wide Web increases dramatically. Since cluster systems have the advantage of cost superiority than supercomputers and are able to satisfy the demand of users, using cluster systems to take place of supercomputers in business organizations has become a trend in the recent years. To improve the performance of the whole cluster system, the design of an effective request dispatching algorithm that affects the load balancing of a cluster system is an importance issue.
In this thesis, we analysis and implement the basic mechanisms and techniques for ONE-IP to support the development of gateway systems base on clustered loading balance. We also hope this research will provide more practical basis for better performance on packet re-transmission and forwarding.
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