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標題: 從口供內容看清代前中期民間祕密宗教的活動(1723-1850)
作者: 邱麗娟
關鍵字: 民間祕密宗教;Folk secret religious sects;聚會活動;醫療傳教;教案審理;口供;Religious assembly;Preachment by medicine;Official condemnation about religious cases;Trails
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學歷史學系
Project: 興大歷史學報, Volume 23, Page(s) 41-74.
The development of folk secret religious sects flourished in Ch'ing period. The sects were widely prevalent among the lower strata society. However, the Ch'ng government looked the sects as evil religion, and restrained the existence of the sect
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