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標題: 戰前馬來西史英文文獻概述(1877-1941)
作者: 廖文輝
關鍵字: English stream;英文源流;Malayan history;Straits branch of the royal asiatic society;Malayan branch of the royal asiatic society;馬來西史;英國皇家亞洲學會海峽分會;英國皇家亞洲學會馬來西分會
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學歷史學系
Project: 興大歷史學報, Volume 25, Page(s) 149-179.
Modern research on the History of Malaya, or more accurately the use of modern scientific research methods, began with the work of British colonial officers, scholars and other writers. Their works were largely published in the Royal Asiatic Society of th
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